Workplace Wellness: How Singaporean Companies Are Encouraging Employee Fitness

In the heart of a bustling metropolis like Singapore, companies are progressively acknowledging the integral role of employee wellness in a thriving workplace. This transformation is palpable as companies are taking various innovative measures to boost employee well-being. One initiative gaining momentum is the promotion of workplace fitness among employees by providing various wellness benefits, which include sponsoring classes such as spinning, yoga, and boxing in Singapore.

In recent years, other martial arts like Muay Thai in Singapore have taken the spotlight among adults, offering a compelling alternative to traditional exercises. Having a martial arts class allows employees to bond with each other while staying fit, and who knows, someone might fall in love and pick it up on their own. With so many options available, let’s delve into how companies in the Lion City are weaving fitness into their corporate fabric to enhance employee wellness.


Cycling To Work: Pedaling Towards Wellness

The island nation’s strategic layout and connected infrastructure make it ideal for cycling. Companies in Singapore have been quick to capitalise on this and are encouraging employees to cycle to work. Riding a bicycle to work not only benefits the environment but is also an excellent way for employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Providing amenities like showers, changing rooms, and secure bicycle parking are some of the steps taken to facilitate this. Cycling not only reduces carbon footprints but also proves to be an excellent cardio workout. DBS Bank, for instance, has adopted a cycle-to-work scheme as part of its sustainability strategy, contributing to both the environment and employee health. Such initiatives have also been supported by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority’s plans to expand the cycling network, making it easier and safer for people to cycle to work.


Onsite Fitness Amenities: Bringing Fitness Closer To Employees

With demanding schedules, it’s often challenging for employees to find time for fitness activities outside of work. To counter this, companies in Singapore have started offering onsite gyms and fitness classes. 

Many multinational corporations and large local enterprises have recognised the benefit of providing fitness facilities within the office premises. Companies such as Shopee & Google Singapore, for instance, boasts a fully equipped gym, fitness classes, and even massage rooms for employees to use before, during, or after work. This not only makes fitness more accessible but also fosters a community of health-conscious individuals within the organisation. Other companies have taken it a step further by incorporating fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, and Zumba during lunch hours or after work.

Onsite wellness initiatives are not limited to large corporations. Small to medium-sized companies in Singapore have also jumped on the fitness bandwagon by providing subsidies for gym memberships or facilitating onsite fitness classes. Some have even partnered with local fitness studios to offer lunchtime or after-work fitness classes like yoga, pilates, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).


Engaging In Sports Leagues: Fostering Teamwork And Fitness

Participation in sports is an effective way to promote physical health while also bolstering team spirit and camaraderie among employees. Many companies in Singapore are forming internal sports teams and leagues. These teams compete with each other or participate in inter-corporate tournaments in sports like football, cricket, or badminton. This not only provides a platform for employees to indulge in their sporting interests but also fosters teamwork and networking.

At OCBC Bank, for example, employees can join football, dragon boat, and even marathon teams. These informal leagues facilitate team bonding and cross-departmental interaction outside the traditional work environment. They also offer a fun way for employees to stay fit, promoting both physical wellness and mental well-being.


Sponsorship Of Sports/Gym Club Memberships: Expanding Fitness Horizons

bjj class singapore with female students

BJJ can help you have more fun in your weight loss journey.

Some companies in Singapore are going the extra mile by sponsoring memberships to exclusive sports clubs for their employees. By doing this, they offer a diverse range of fitness options that cater to different interests and capabilities. For example, companies partnering with Evolve MMA, a renowned martial arts training organisation in Singapore, provide their employees access to world-class training facilities in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more. It provides them with an opportunity to learn martial arts, a form of exercise that enhances physical strength and mental resilience. This sponsorship model acts as a motivating factor for employees to take up a fitness regimen and stick to it. Such initiatives demonstrate an innovative approach to combining learning a new skill with fitness, proving popular among employees.


Holistic Wellness Programs: Beyond Physical Fitness

Students happy knee heavybag

The benefits of Muay Thai go beyond just the physical aspects, providing a boost in endorphins and even productivity at your workplace!

In addition to physical fitness, mental well-being is also crucial for overall health. Companies are integrating mental wellness into their corporate wellness programs by organising workshops, providing access to counselling services, and promoting mental health awareness. A healthy body coupled with a healthy mind is proving to be a recipe for increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Although these initiatives are commendable, companies must also recognise that fostering a wellness culture is not merely about providing facilities or memberships. It involves cultivating an environment where health and fitness are valued and encouraged. This might mean flexible work hours for employees to exercise, encouraging taking breaks during the workday or promoting healthy eating habits by providing nutritious meal options in office cafeterias.

Singaporean companies are leading the way in acknowledging the importance of an active lifestyle for their workforce. By investing in initiatives that promote physical activity, they are not only contributing to their employees’ personal health but also enhancing their productivity and overall job satisfaction. The fitness culture these companies are fostering is setting a precedent for organisations worldwide, demonstrating the inextricable link between workplace wellness and a successful, dynamic business.


Government Initiatives & Supporting Workplace Wellness

The Singaporean government is also actively supporting workplace wellness through several initiatives. One such program is the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant, which aids companies in establishing comprehensive workplace health programs. This grant has been instrumental in facilitating the small and medium enterprises in Singapore to adopt employee wellness programs without significant financial burdens. 

The Singapore government has actively raised awareness through initiatives like the National Steps Challenge and the Greater Singapore Workout. These programs encourage active movement to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the public.


Bottom Line

The surge in workplace wellness in Singapore is a testament to the changing dynamics of corporate culture. By promoting cycling, offering onsite fitness amenities, engaging in sports leagues, sponsoring sports club memberships, and addressing mental health, Singaporean companies are not only improving employee health but are also creating a motivated, productive, and loyal workforce.


Explore The Transformative Power Of Martial Arts With Evolve MMA

The focus on workplace wellness is more than just a trend – it’s a recognition of the holistic approach needed to cater to employees’ needs. As the landscape of work continues to evolve, so too will the ways companies encourage fitness and wellness. The tangible and intangible benefits that such initiatives provide in terms of increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduced healthcare costs are tremendous. The Singaporean example serves as a beacon for companies worldwide looking to enhance employee wellness. At Evolve MMA, we believe in the transformative power of martial arts and physical fitness. We provide a supportive, inclusive, and motivating environment to help people reach their personal and fitness goals. We cater to individuals of all skill levels – from beginners just starting their fitness journey to seasoned martial artists honing their skills.

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