7 Types Of Martial Artists You’ll Meet In The Gym

The world of martial arts is filled with some of the most unique individuals on the planet. If you’re a martial artist then you will definitely know what we’re talking about. From the moment we enter the gym to the moment we leave; there are certain types of martial artists that we all come across and have even become friends with! These are the people that make a martial arts gym what it is.

Today, Evolve Daily takes a look at the 7 Types Of Martial Artists You’ll Meet In The Gym:

1) The Muay Thai Buff

Common Habitat: In Muay Thai class, sitting close to wherever the Muay Thai class is being held, or wherever the Muay Thai instructors are sitting.

Notable For: Whether they’re walking around in their Muay Thai shorts, ankle guards and hand wraps or shadowboxing after class, it’s pretty easy to spot a Muay Thai buff!

And don’t even try to imagine a Muay Thai buff in any class other than Muay Thai; he/she has sworn an oath to stick to the ancient art and made Thailand his/her #1 getaway destination.


2) The Mixed Martial Artist

Common Habitat: Mostly in MMA class, sometimes in Muay Thai, BJJ or wrestling class, or sitting with the other mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

Notable For: The mixed martial artist can be found in every martial arts gym nowadays. Influenced by his/her love of the UFC or ONE Championship, his/her ultimate dream is to become a fighter and eventually hold a title belt above his/her head. Regardless of how much or how little he/she trains mixed martial arts, you can easily spot him/her in his/her signature MMA fight gear; from the MMA shorts and rash guards to those 8oz MMA style training gloves.


3) The Future Instructor


Common Habitat: In any and every class the gym offers.

Notable For: As the name suggests, these are the people who obviously have a thirst for power. They want to be an instructor so bad that they’re always trying to add a little more to the training program whenever they can. Whether you’re asking for advice or just looking to get a workout, the Future Instructor won’t hesitate to give you or other fellow students advice and tips on how they think you can improve — even if an actual instructor is just a couple of feet away.


4) The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fanatic

Common Habitat: In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, sitting near to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class or wherever there are mats.

Notable For: Unless you do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you won’t really get the chance to interact with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu junkies. They usually walk around the gym before or after class in their gi pants and rashguard. With their taped up fingers and toes, they don’t mind being in close contact with their training partners or even the mats themselves. They are also known to be some of the most dedicated people in the gym, rolling and practicing with their teammates or comparing notes after class.


5) The Social Butterfly


Common Habitat: Basically anywhere in the gym as long as there are people to talk to or wherever that’s most crowded.

Notable For: You know exactly who we’re talking about because he or she once started a conversation with you once or twice before. Chances are, the gym’s social butterfly is already one of your Facebook friends or following you on Instagram. In fact, he or she is probably Facebook friends with everyone that has ever stepped foot in the gym.

The social butterfly isn’t always concerned about training hard; he/she sees more value in making new friends and building relationships in the gym. In fact, training is possibly the last thing on his/her minds. However, we shouldn’t dismiss him/her too quickly. Instead, we should be grateful for him/her. After all, he/she was the one who helped us feel more comfortable and at home when we were just starting out!


6) The Fight Gear Connoisseur

Common Habitat: Can be found in any class, usually sitting or standing in front of a mirror when not in class.

Notable For: Whether it’s the Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, or BJJ class, everyone’s always turning to look at the Fight Gear Connoisseur. They are the ones who are always in the nicest BJJ gis, Muay Thai shorts, or even boxing shoes! It doesn’t really matter how good they are at martial arts, they just want to look good doing whatever it is they’re doing.


7) The Fighter

Common Habitat: Usually in sparring class and competition or fighter team trainings.

Notable For: The coolest kids on the block – the fighter types don’t care much about how they look or if they’re making friends. They care about one thing and one thing only: getting better and competing. They come to the gym in the same training clothes they are always wearing and get straight down to business. These are the ones everyone else in the gym looks up to.


So, recognize any of these types? It’s easy to attach someone we know to any of these types of martial artists, but are you any one of them?

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