Here’s Why Muay Thai Will Put An End To Your Fitness Slump

There are so many ways to work up a sweat. From the treadmill to the three-mile jog. From benching a hundred pounds to doing creative resistance exercises. Yet, none of these can help you remain consistent. Consistency is what you need to succeed in your fitness journey.

Sticking to your workout routine needs discipline. That said, discipline comes a lot easier when we look forward to our workout sessions. And when it comes to workout sessions that are easy to look forward to, it doesn’t come much easier than a fun-filled Muay Thai class.


What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai Nong O Kick

Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is an instructor at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

If you want a change from an uninspiring fitness regimen, you should consider taking up a martial art. Choose one that offers a rigorous, full-body workout. A martial art like Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is cleverly dubbed ‘The art of eight limbs.’ Sounds like an excellent title for a movie, right? The term stems from the fact that you will fight with your elbows and knees, in addition to your arms and legs. Muay Thai teaches you to strike with ‘all eight’ of your limbs. It also teaches how to block and defect strikes using the elbows, arms and legs.

There are two main reasons that Muay Thai will help you over your fitness slump. First, it is an intensive form of exercise that works every muscle group in your body. Second, Muay Thai will never bore you. Your passion for this martial art will not wane. Here is why.


1) Look forward to sculpted muscles in your core


Muay Thai is great at strengthening your core.

This has to be the icing on the cake that is Muay Thai. The discipline often requires you to strike your opponent by rotating your body at the hip. This movement works all the muscles in your core. When you strike your opponent with your hands or elbows, you exercise the muscles in your chest, back, shoulders and abdomen. In a couple of months, you should notice improved muscle definition in all the areas of your core.

When you use your legs to strike or block your opponent, you work your core, legs, and glutes. So you have a pair of strong, muscled legs to look forward to as well.


2) You will love the brisk cardio

Benjamin Kheng training in a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA gym.

Muay Thai is a full-body workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour.

One primary goal of Muay Thai is to leave you sweaty and gasping for breath. This martial art is fast-paced. It requires a person to attack, block, or parry at lightning speed. With Muay Thai, there is not a moment’s lull.

Imagine trying to get to your opponent while you avoid getting hit. You will need to develop fast reflexes and excellent limb-eye coordination. You will have to learn how to form strategies and think on your feet, even as you parry your partner’s attacks, while the sweat in your eyes limits your vision.

It keeps your training sessions interesting. You will start to look forward to your next session the minute you leave the Muay Thai gym.


3) You will think about it all the time


Karate World Champion Hiroki Akimoto training Muay Thai at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

There is nothing quite like passion to make your fitness journey super-easy. Luckily for you, Muay Thai classes are designed to keep you engaged, long after your session ends. You will love the training you receive as you learn different techniques. After you complete your drills, you may get to spar with one of the people in your class. As you spar, you will get to put all your training to use.

Your brain will have to see or even anticipate your opponent’s move in the fraction of a second. In that split-second, your brain will have to choose a move that will counter the incoming attack. You will also have to evaluate the effect of your technique on your opponent, and decide whether to attack or brace for the next strike from your sparring partner. All this, you will have to do in a second. You will have to repeat this thought process over and over again, for the duration of your sparring session.

When your practice match is over, you will be super motivated to improve your technique, your reflexes, and your speed. You will look forward to your next session so that you can train some more and perfect your skills.


4) You will achieve your fitness goals, but you will be having too much fun to notice

You should sit down with a fitness trainer sometime. They will advise you to stop obsessing over your weight or your muscle definition. Instead, they will tell you to appreciate the fact that you are currently doing many more reps or running more than you used to before. The art of the eight limbs will take your mind away from such so-called fitness goals.

You will be so focused on perfecting your technique or trying to win a match, that a disappointing weigh-in will not discourage you. Soon, you will forget all about keeping tabs on your weight or your abs. Then one day, you will glance at the mirror and notice that you look great.

The best part? Reaching your fitness goal will have been a fun project. One that you will not want to quit.


5) You will be part of a team that will cheer you on

A group of Muay Thai students smiling after class.

The friendships you make in a Muay Thai gym last a lifetime.

Sometimes, we need someone to hold us to account on our fitness journey. So it is a good thing that Muay Thai forges a sense of community. You will feel a duty towards your sparring partners, your instructors, and the whole team at large. Many of these people will become good friends, and you will look forward to seeing them every time you train.

These things will be one more reason to show up for training with a great attitude in your gym bag.

You will love it, and you will go back for more. Muay Thai is just the discipline to take away your fitness woes. In a few enjoyable months, the art of eight limbs will make a believer out of you too.

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