5 Of The Best Biking Trails In Singapore

Are you looking for something to do in Singapore besides sampling the delectable cuisine and hitting up the popular tourist spots? If you’re on vacation, or you’re new to the little red dot, you may want to consider biking. It’s a fun and exciting activity for you or your whole family. It can also be challenging too, if you want it to be.

Biking is a terrific form of exercise. Even martial artist who train in boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, and wrestling sometimes supplement their training with biking to keep fit. Biking on a regular basis not only gets you into physical shape, it also helps stimulate your heart, lungs, and improves blood circulation while lowering blood fat levels. Biking consistently will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. The health benefits of biking are plenty.

Singapore has some of the best biking trails in the world. The city-state offers picturesque views of the central business district, accentuated by lush greenery. The well-paved routes are great for traction and speed, while providing safety. Without a doubt, Singapore is a fantastic place to go biking.

Though Singapore may be small in size, there is no shortage of biking trails that are scattered across the country’s plethora of parks and nature reserves. The biking trails on this list range from beginner-friendly to intense mountain biking tracks and everything in between.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five of the best biking trails in Singapore.


1) Rower’s Bay Park

C2C map

The map of recreational connections (Image via NParks)

Lower Seletar Reservoir is home to the new Rower’s Bay Park, which offers a myriad of activities such as kayaking and dragon-boating. It’s also the site of the first phase of the 150-kilometer Round Island Route (RIR), which aims to connect other parks in Singapore together. This park is a great place to start your biking adventure.

Right now, Rower’s Bay Park is one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets, and a minimal crowd gathers daily to catch the beautiful sunrise or sunset. Aside from a good biking track, the park also offers a host of different amenities such as shelters, vending machines, and even a DIY bike repair station.

Along this route you can enjoy waterside views and a boardwalk that has been lined with a variety of plant species. It’s a chill, relaxing bike ride for the entire family.


2) Kranji Marshes Loop

Kranji Marshes

Kranji Marshes Loop is a great place to bike amongst Singapore’s local flora and fauna (Image via NParks).

Getting off at the Kranji MRT station, the Kranji Marshes Loop offers an amazing biking trail for those who want to experience the Singapore countryside. The 51.1-kilometer route features an elevation gain of 568 meters, and is home to over 170 species of birds, 54 types of butterflies, and 33 types of dragonflies, in one of the most biodiverse areas of the entire country.

Far from the bustling metropolis, the Kranji Marshes Loop is a serene local that will give you a sense of calm, whether you’re biking along the trail, or simply just going for a walk and enjoying the atmosphere.

On your way, you can also stop by the Raptor Tower to get a very different view of Singapore, the Instagrammable Kingfisher Burrow arch, or the Moorhen Pond. All in all, the Kranji Marshes Loop is one of the best places to explore on your bike, or on foot.


3) Mandai Loop

mandai loop

The Mandai Loop is a great place to learn to mountain bike (Image via NParks).

The famous Mandai Loop is home to one of Singapore’s most well-loved biking trails, especially for mountain bike newbies. It’s considered one of the easiest trails in the country, with fairly simple elevations and slopes for the mountain biking novice. If you’re looking to take up mountain biking, this trail will give you a great introduction.

The trail starts at Rats Corner on Orchard Road, and follows through to Novena and Old Upper Thomson Road, eventually landing you at Mandai. There you can make stops at the Mandai Reserve to see the sights, before continuing on back towards the city via Bukit Timah Road and completing the loop back at Rats Corner.

Along the way, you can stop at the Old Ford Factory to take in a bit of history on your route. It’s the historic location where the British surrendered Singapore to Japan in 1942.


4) Marina Bay

marina bay singapore

Biking around Marina Bay is one of the best ways to take in Singapore’s beautiful architecture (Image via Someformofhuman).

You can’t say you’ve gone biking in Singapore, if you haven’t experienced the trails at Marina Bay. This route offers astonishing views of the busy Singapore central business district, with an eclectic mix of green and blue hues.

The length of the 11-kilometer biking trail begins at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, passing through the architectural wonder that is the Helix Bridge, and continuing towards Esplanade and the Merlion. The Marina Bay Waterfront is one of Singapore’s busiest tourist spots, so bike carefully to avoid the crowd. But do enjoy the sights and sounds of the best that Singapore has to offer.

Catch the sunset and watch the city transform deep into the night, as bars and restaurants open their doors for customers. This trail is perfect for those who want to take in the electric side of the Lion City, and witness where nature converges with modern technology.


5) Punggol Waterway Park


Punggol Waterway Park is peaceful park to bike in (Image via Jianhui67).

Situated in the serene calm of northeastern Singapore, Punggol Waterway Park is a place families in the area love to frequent because of its majestic view of the waterway. People of all ages love to explore its many amenities, which include the Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, and Heritage Zone.

It’s Singapore’s longest man-made waterway, which runs the length of Punggol.

Along the way, you can visit the Rope Bridge and the Kelong Bridge. But if biking is your main purpose, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The 10-kilometer route takes approximately two hours to complete, and the entire loop is accessible and easy for people of all ages.

You can make a stop at Waterway Point Mall to indulge in some food and drink, or SAFRA Punggol for some family fun. If you get bored on your bike, you can step off and try the fitness corner.

There are so many little nooks and corners to explore at Punggol Waterway Park, and you can get to them on your bike while absorbing the energy and atmosphere.

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