9 Reasons Why Saenchai Is The Greatest Muay Thai Legend In History

Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (formerly Saenchai Sor. Kingstar) is without a doubt one of the most well known Muay Thai fighters in the world today. The living legend has been entertaining fans for more than a decade with his unique style and incredible blend of agility, technique, power and evasive defense. And now, even at 41-years old, Saenchai is still as impressive and captivating as ever!

Today, Evolve Daily gives you 9 Reasons Why Saenchai Is The Greatest Muay Thai Legend In History:


1) There Has Never Been A Fighter Like Him.

Saenchai lands a beautiful cartwheel kick on Diesellek Aoodonmuang at Yokkao Extreme 2013

Although the sport of Muay Thai has been around for centuries, it’s safe to say that there’s never been a fighter quite like Saenchai. And in terms of style, no one even really comes close. With uncanny dexterity, agility and footwork, Saenchai possesses one of the flashiest and trickiest styles of fighting out there. Anyone who has watched him fight knows just how entertaining and unique he is.

And just to give you an idea of how special he really is, Saenchai is actually considered to be the inventor of the cartwheel kick. The kick he claims, was based off a sport native to Southeast Asia called Sepak Takraw, or kick volleyball. The kick itself, and different variations of it has since been adopted by several other great Muay Thai fighters and even MMA fighters!


2) He Has Fought And Beaten The Very Best.

Saenchai leaning back to dodge a kick from fellow Muay Thai legend Nong-O Gaiyanghadaogym.

Saenchai leaning back to dodge a kick from fellow Muay Thai legend Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

History has shown time and time again that a fighter’s legacy is not determined by the amount of wins he has, but by the quality of fighters he has beaten. Saenchai has beaten everyone there is to beat in the world of Muay Thai and kickboxing.

In fact, he has beaten every Lumpinee title holder in and around his division for over a decade. These include legends like Singdam Kiatmuu9, Orono Wor Petchpun, Petchboonchu F.A. Group, Sagetdao Petpayathai, Attachai Por Samranchai and many more.


3) His Achievements Are Astounding.


With an incredible fight record of 303 wins in a total of 349 fights, Saenchai’s achievements are unlike any other in the sport today. He is a multiple-time Lumpinee Muay Thai World Champion in four different weight divisions, a Toyata Cup Tournament and Marathon Champion, WMC World Champion, WBC Diamond World Champion, and a two-time recipient of the prestigious Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the Year award.


4) He Has Reigned At The Top For More Than A Decade.


Very few fighters can say that they’ve stayed at the top of their sport for more than 10 years. Fighters like Boxing’s Muhammad Ali or MMA’s Georges St. Pierre transcended greatness because of their ability to compete and the highest level for many years.

Saenchai has consistently reigned at the top of Muay Thai and kickboxing for more than a decade, beating the very best from before, during and after his era. Being named the Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the Year in 1999 and 2008 (almost a decade apart) is further proof of this, and just how great of a legend he is.


5) He Is Revered Across The Globe.

Saenchai holding a seminar in New York.

Saenchai holding a seminar in New York.

Saenchai’s style and abilities as a fighter have brought him fame and recognition not just in his home country of Thailand, but to all corners of the world. He has held seminars in many countries around the world with huge turnouts.

His influence in standup striking has even reached the realm of Mixed Martial Arts, with many fighters adopting his signature techniques. A good recent example can be seen at UFC Fight Night 71 when Alan Jouban executed a beautiful cartwheel kick, which knocked down his opponent Matt Dwyer en route to a unanimous decision win.

In his post-fight interview, Jouban credited the Muay Thai legend, saying that he started practicing the kick after watching Saenchai and urged the fans watching and the audience in attendance to start watching Saenchai’s fights as well.


6) He Is A Master Tactician In The Ring.


One of the most significant features every great fighting legend in history shares is their ability to outsmart opponents with their intellect. Saenchai is one of the greatest tacticians to ever grace the Muay Thai ring. And while he is more renowned for his innovative strikes and approach to fighting, it is his unmatched knowledge and understanding of striking that allows him to pull them off with perfection.


7) He Is One Of The Most Active Fighters In The World.

maxresdefault (1)

Saenchai is also one of the most active fighters in the world. His incredible defense has greatly limited the amount of damage he takes during a fight, allowing him to fight even up to two times a month. And the fact that he takes on elite or larger opponents on almost every occasion makes him all the more impressive.


8) He Dominates Bigger Opponents.

Saenchai winning the W.P.M.F. Welterweight World Title against the much larger Umar Semata.

Over the years, Thai fighters have earned quite the reputation of taking on larger, heavier opponents, especially when going against foreigners. The amount of experience and skill a Thai fighter gathers from years of fighting enables them to do so. However, no other Thai fighter has been able to experience the level of success fighting bigger opponents like Saenchai has.

Standing at no more than 1.70m and usually fighting around his natural weight of 60 kilograms, Saenchai has been known to give up about 5 lbs to find worthy opponents in Thailand and over 15 lbs against foreigners. And that’s not all; he still manages to dominate these bigger opponents, even toying with them at times!


9) He Represents The True Art Of Muay Thai.


Though Muay Thai fighters are known around the world for their power, the true art of Muay Thai focuses on technique. As the late great Muay Thai Grandmaster Kru Yodtong Senanan once said, “A technical style is much more effective than brute strength. Fighters like Samart Payakaroon and Chartchai Sityodtong never used strength or power, they used pure technique to beat almost everyone.”

No other fighter today represents this philosophy more than Saenchai. Being the smaller fighter most of the time, Saenchai outsmarts and outwits his opponents with unwavering technique, counterattacks and trickery. But don’t be fooled, he possesses enough power and precision to knock anyone out cold.

There’s no denying that Saenchai has right to be the greatest Muay Thai legend in history. And on the 26th and 27th of September, Saenchai will holding an exciting 2-day seminar at Evolve MMA. Don’t miss your chance to meet and learn from the living legend himself!

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