The 5 Best Benefits Of Martial Arts For Seniors

One of the best things about martial arts is that it is open to all ages. Whether you are a child just beginning to learn the ins and outs of life, or you are senior who has been through it all, martial arts offers a brand new perspective for you to tackle physical fitness, health, and wellness.

In fact, martial arts has a myriad of benefits for people of different age groups. For seniors, in particular, martial arts has the ability to renew the mind, body, and spirit. It slows down the process of aging by opening up a whole new world of possibilities. We never truly stop learning, even as we get older. Martial arts reminds us that learning and growing is a lifelong journey.

If your maturity is beginning to show and you are starting to feel the effects of aging, perhaps take martial arts training into consideration. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just for the youth. Everyone has access to the knowledge and practice of martial arts, no matter what point in life we decide to start.

You are never too old to begin training. Picking up martial arts as a senior is an amazing way to breathe new life into your exercise routines while learning something new. Today, Evolve Daily shares the five best benefits of martial arts for seniors.

1) It Renews The Mind, Body, And Spirit

Martial arts is considered a holistic approach to health and wellness. It has the power to bring the human mind, body, and spirit to synchronicity, renewing life with a vibrant vigor. The way martial arts works, engaging both your physical and your mental capacity, makes it a terrific fitness program for seniors.

Strength and flexibility decrease past the age of 50, but martial arts specifically develops these traits through constant training. An increase in strength and flexibility, as well as an increase in lean muscle mass, does very well for seniors, especially those who lack daily physical activity. This is but one of the many benefits of martial arts training for this age group.

As we get older, it is important for us to keep active no matter how we choose to do so. We need to keep in shape and focus on our health to avoid complications that arise in old age. Make martial arts training a part of your daily routine.


2) It Allows Them To Meet New People

Healthy and frequent social interaction is one of the most important human needs that we all have. This has to be satisfied, especially in old age. As seniors move into the retirement stage, their circle of friends tends to decrease, and they are no longer exposed to a normal working environment.

However, as we get older, it gets harder and harder to meet new people and make new friends. Our social gatherings tend to become fewer. Luckily, martial arts offers seniors a great way to make new acquaintances, right in the comfort of the gym.

Martial arts is not a solo undertaking. It is practiced in a group and team setting. Many of the techniques require sparring or training partners to execute. Each martial arts class consists of multiple students. The bond formed between gym mates is also very strong, and you’ll not only be good allies, but also friends for life.


3) It Slows Down Aging

Aging is something everyone wants to slow down. As we get older, our bodies experience major changes specifically in balance, strength, posture, flexibility, and endurance. The main cause of these changes is mostly inactivity. The less we move, the more we age. It is a process called muscle atrophy.

Furthermore, balance and posture worsen over time. What’s worse, we also become prone to many diseases as we age. Martial arts can help combat the onset of aging with a robust health and fitness program that brings the best out of our bodies.

The idea of keeping ourselves physically fit through martial arts, in whichever discipline we so choose, is one that should be welcome as we get older.

Whether it’s the high impact, fast pace of boxing that we crave, or the technical and deliberately scientific art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, martial arts helps slow down the onset of aging and helps us prevent many diseases associated with old age such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

A study conducted on middle-aged men and women approaching their senior years revealed that after two months on a specific fitness program, participants achieved an almost 200% increase in strength. Martial arts is one of the best fitness programs available for seniors.


4) It Gets Them Out Of The House

Sometimes, it’s just good to get out of the house. There’s no denying that as we get older, we prefer to stay in the comfort of the indoors. But humans need to explore and experience life. We can’t always be cooped up in front of the television. It’s certainly not a great way to spend the rest of our lives.

Martial arts is the perfect activity to get you out of the house. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a chore that we have to push ourselves to do. Martial arts is fun, engaging, and a great way to spend an afternoon.

In fact, most martial arts practitioners can attest to the fact that martial arts is probably the most fun they have ever had in a workout. You can enjoy training on your own, or with a group of friends. You can even enjoy martial arts training as a family.


5) It Teaches Them Something New

Perhaps the best thing about martial arts for seniors is that it is something new. As we get older, we get used to the same old things. We hit a groove, a rhythm that we don’t like to alter. And what’s worse, we become resistant to change. But martial arts gives us a fresh new kick in our lives.

The pursuit of knowledge should never end, no matter how old we get. Every day, there are always new things to learn. Martial arts training opens up new doors, and a myriad of possibilities, especially in our advanced years.

The heart of martial arts is self-defense and daily self-improvement. This is essential for seniors. Learning a new skill makes us feel young again. Furthermore, martial arts training is quickly becoming extremely popular for seniors, so even if you’re getting older, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

So, if you are looking for an activity that is fun and helps boost your health, martial arts is the answer. Sign up for a trial today to experience the benefits for yourself!


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