WATCH: Here Are Some Fake Setups To Take Your Muay Thai Game To The Next Level (Videos)

If you’ve already started sparring, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered training partners who have very unpredictable fighting styles. Each time you spar with them, you find it difficult to defend against their strikes as you’re constantly unsure what they’re about to do next.

Want to be an unpredictable Muay Thai fighter? Well, for starters, you shouldn’t stick to the same few combinations that you’re very comfortable with – this is because it wouldn’t take long for your opponents to figure out what’s coming next. Hence, they’d be able to effectively defend themselves and counter your strikes. Another great way to confuse your opponent is to include fakes, or feints, in your combinations.

Ready to elevate your game and find out more about fakes? Then watch the following videos to learn more! Today, Evolve Daily shares Fake Setups To Take Your Muay Thai Game To The Next Level:

1) 5 Basic Fake Setups

Fakes are especially useful if you’re up against a very defensive opponent who keeps blocking your strikes. This is because your opponent would let his/her guard down for a moment when he/she is reacting to your fake strike. Hence, giving you a bit of time to throw your intended strike! Of course, you’d have to be fast in order to successfully land that strike.

In this video, you’ll learn 5 basic fake setups which you can add to your arsenal. Psst! Those new to fakes, if you wish to start but aren’t sure where to begin, these setups are a great starting point!

Tip: Choose 1 or 2 of these setups to work on first, before moving on to the rest of them. Remember, technique is always the most important – so make it a point to always drill with the right technique and perfect every move.


2) 5 Essential Muay Thai Fake Setups

Apart from training and drilling with a partner, it also helps to do so with a heavy bag. This is because it helps you to polish up your technique, as well as gain strength – so don’t neglect the heavy bag when you’re training. Although it wouldn’t be able to react the same way a live opponent would, it offers some great benefits and can also help you de-stress after a long day!

In this video, you’ll learn 5 essential fake setups that you can drill on the heavy bag or with a partner. When you’re drilling, don’t forget to take into account your body language and facial expression. After all, you’d want to make sure that your fake strike is convincing enough to trick your opponent!

Tip: Don’t look at the target of your intended strike (which would come after the fake), or you might risk giving away your next shot! Confuse your opponent by looking at an opposite target (for example, looking at your opponent’s face and throwing a fake jab before going in for a body shot) or making sudden partial movements which might make your opponent flinch for that brief moment.


3) Powerful Fake Setup Muay Thai Leg Kick

Low kicks can cause great damage to your opponent, especially when executed flawlessly. This is because your opponent’s fighting style would be more defensive throughout the fight after absorbing a low kick as he/she wouldn’t be able to kick or knee as hard. It comes as no surprise that low kicks are believed to be game changers, as they have the power to potentially change the fight’s outcome.

In this video, you’ll learn a powerful fake setup for low kicks. It’s a good combination for you to drill with a partner, or use in the ring. Disguising your intended kicks with fakes is one of the best ways to land kicks on your opponents. This is because your opponent would react to your fake, and this would create an opening for you to land that devastating kick! Of course, timing and rhythm both play roles in fake setups, so make it a point to develop your movement and rhythm first.

Tip: The secret to executing a good fake is to stay relaxed. If you’re all tensed up and stiff, your movements wouldn’t be as fluid, and your opponent would probably be able to call out your fakes and react accordingly.


4) Fake Knee Elbow KO Fight Breakdown

Believed to be the knives of Muay Thai, elbows are another way to cause significant damage to your opponent – especially because they are usually delivered to the face.

In this video, you’ll watch how a fake knee is utilized in an actual fight in the ring. After which, there’ll be a fight breakdown which explains how every move is executed – so you can gain a better understanding, and perhaps include this explosive KO combination in your arsenal!

Tip: Don’t overthink your intended strike and rush your fake because that might work against you, as your rushed fake wouldn’t be a good setup for the intended strike. Spend some time in front of the mirror working your fakes till you think they’re convincing enough. When that happens, try it during sparring sessions and observe how your training partners react to them. Of course, certain moves that look great in the mirror might not be as good in the ring. So don’t be afraid to experiment in each spar – it’s the best way to grow and learn as a martial artist.


The key to fully understanding and applying fakes correctly is to start small and add fakes into your bag work, drilling and sparring. Eventually, you’ll be able to work it into your fight style and become a more unpredictable fighter. Remember, practice makes perfect, so always give your 100% to training. Go on, you got this!

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