Watch And Learn How To Improve Your Muay Thai Hook (Video)

As martial artists, we understand that there’s always room for improvement no matter what level we’re at in our martial arts journey. Contrary to popular belief, Muay Thai is not just about throwing elbows, knees and kicks. It is the art of 8 limbs, thus utilizing all 8 weapons is of utmost importance.

The hook is an extremely powerful punch that comes out at your opponent from the side. It is one of the more difficult punches to defend, especially if the opponent is expecting a straight punch.

Done properly, a hook can result in a devastating knockout. It is the most common way to attack the body (via liver shot) and when aimed at the chin, could generate enough force to turn the head and make your opponent dizzy.

In the video above, Muay Thai World Champion Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn shows us how to improve your hook for Muay Thai. Here are his tips:

1) Keep your arm parallel by keeping it in an “L” shape, punching straight across.

2) Your hips are your source of power. Make sure you use them, rotating in the direction of your punch.

3) The more you pivot your lead leg, the more power you’ll have in your punch.


Regardless of our level in Muay Thai, constant practice of the most basic techniques is a must. The more we refine and improve our techniques, the closer we’ll get to achieve our martial arts goals.


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